Singapore,US IT job market outlook

Overseas job market outlook for IT jobs in 2017 started with good and bad. Politically it came with storm and many other economical changes and organisational goals making it look unpredictable.
Singapore Job market seem to be opened up with vacancies looking around for various IT professionals. Due to some restrictions on EP which varies subject to subject, It’s much easier for locals and
PRs to hit these than foreigners. Foreigners who are looking Infrastructure related roles may find it much difficult than guys who are more towards development,IT security.
US IT Job market will remain unpredictable with various restrictions like minimum salary slab for H1B jobs etc. will impact this segment badly.

Another major change which is being observed very frequently is employers expectation on “Finding a jack off all”. DBA who has all his experience in database support can’t perform a job which is expected
from a full time storage admin or system admin. You can have something of everything but not everything of something. Either one can be a skilled DBA or a brilliant storage admin and this is how segregation of duties have been defined too making environment less risk prone.

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