Check What Oracle product/option used in your database

Don’t get mad over searching every time when your boss or management comes over and ask you “Provide the product list We are really using in database , probably they are enabled installed but Are We using them? ” huh . OK .. know mostly but not enough to pass this info as related to licensing etc. etc. We would get this validated again and again .

Here  it’s very handy to go over and see what is included and what requires extra cost w.r.t. to your version/product . note- you should keep on visiting this site at least quarterly as sometimes product those require extra licensing cost may moved to no additional cost  category 🙂 .

Here  it’s very handy to use for extracting what You are really use in database and what you don”t  irrespective to their status (enable/disable) . Note- You required to have oracle support id to get this sql .

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