Is MSSQL 2016 an upcoming threat to Oracle Database ?

The Countdown has begun of releasing Microsoft MSSQL Server 2016 . As Microsoft states a technological revolution by MSSQL Server 2016 that will fundamentally alter the database world . It would be interesting to see how this product is going to amaze the industry and DBAs .
Microsoft defines data revolution with the launch of new SQL server 2016 saying that it’s not the data by itself that will make the change, it is the ability to unlock from data the insights and intelligence that is going to create the transformative power .  This is one of the most significant release of SQL Server that MS has ever done .
Some key features those We have heard
  • Robust Security encryption while data is in memory or in motion .
    In memory database support same as Oracle offering with competitive performance benchmarks .
    Enhanced Dataware  Housing .
    Advanced data analytics
    Unique Cloud capabilities
    And .. Extending SQL server support to run on Linux as well (Availability by 2017) which is going to be groundbreaking and revolutionary.
Is Microsoft preparing to challenge Oracle in its unchallenged market ? It would really be interesting to see what actually MSSQL 2016 is going to offer considering much lesser licensing fee than Oracle . What kind of challenges support staff mainly DBAs are going to face when Microsoft plans to extend it’s  availability on Linux . SQL DBAs are you listening ?

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