DBAs, Are you upgrading yourself ?

Technology is changing too fast and its hard for an individual living object to match with it so DBA . As an Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professionals (OCP) – upgrade to the new Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification by taking an exam will make you ready to sustain in this volatile market, Answer is “NO” . Your certifications doesn’t merit your potential or real experience when seeking a job. Cost is being a centric issue playing a major role , Industry either moving out their roles to a cost effective location or looking for an individual who knows “ALL” which is practically impossible but in nutshell expectations are too high . So what is really expected in market when you as a DBA look for a change –
1) DATA security being a biggest concern , Having experience in database security, Facing off auditor’s, Good experience with Oracle advanced security module gives an edge .  Working experience of tool like Guardium is a big plus .
2) If you are Oracle DBA then having moderate knowledge on MSSQL server/DB2 gives your CV a major boost.
3) Exadata is one of the finest product in market from Oracle’s family of “Engineered Systems”, defined as “hardware and software engineered to work together”. If you are fortunate enough to already have hands-on then trust you are few in many and certainly stands in a separate queue .
4) Having moderate skill on OS is a plus always .
5) Shell and Perl script is something very much expected from a DBA and goes well in package .

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