PostgreSQL, Why so silent ?

In technology world We all would have heard of Postgresql and many of us would have worked with it. If not in work place then probably for own research/projects considering it’s open source .
Postgresql is a very lightweight cross platform solution. This makes it a perfect alternative to some of the larger commercial solutions out there right now.
The community behind it is also first class, loads of support is available via the forums when needed.
The database PostgreSQL, an enterprise-class object-relational database developed collaboratively by a large community of fiercely independent experts.
PostgreSQL hasn’t had the hype that MySQL has had, but it has been around for just as long and is very widely used. Unlike MySQL, it’s licensed under a permissive open source license; as such, it’s open to much simpler adoption by technology suppliers, as well as by end-users.
Some online blog’s call it a good alternative to MSSQL ? Well fact remains fact that MSSQL still leading in its own market where PostgreSQL is not considered as an option yet. I am not sure whether it’s lake of marketing or other glitches causing PostgreSQL still under shadow. If you have more to share on PostgreSQL please do write to us.
You can download the PostgreSQL from official website here

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